Getting ready

I have been looking at the map of the route as if by ingesting it visually I shall transform into a human Sat Nav.  I don’t know why I’m stressing about it as Terry is such a competent driver.  I like to do things once before I relax – it’s just that this once is going to take 26 hours and through the night.  Linda my friend has sent a reminder about brown sauce

HER1200594 hp_sauce_255_g

It reminds me of living in Athens.  You are surrounded by the most exquisite food but sometimes it’s the food from home that  you crave.  We have everything from brown sauce, dark chocolate digestives and Miricle Gro on our list to bring over for Brits I’ve met on the forums.  I recommend going on the forums if you are thinking of moving to Bulgaria.  The majority of people posting on the forums are so helpful and are full of really useful information from areas to avoid, agents to give a wide berth or how to get your water and electric connected.  There is one forum that appears to be populated by people who haven’t made it in Bulgaria and for whom everything is a case of oneupmanship.  Fortunately another member of that forum sent me in the direction of  a couple more that were truly friendly.  The forums are a great way of networking and getting a feel for the country we are going to be living in.  The word on the block about driving is to avoid Serbia.  The roads are better than Romania but the tolls are frequent and are variable according to your nationality, your presumed wealth and the contents of your vehicle.

Terry has installed what we have jokingly called anti immigrant locks on the back and side doors of the van.  Terrys Dad is a truck driver and his stories of leaving Calais and trying to stop desperate immigrants from gaining access to his vehicle are truly hair raising.  The dogs, Vinnie and Bodie (Bobo) are well aware that something is afoot in the house.  It’s the retrieval of the suitcase from the loft.  Bobo’s neurosis is at danger level; she refuses to leave my side even for “comfort breaks”!  Saphie the cat, the oldest at 15 couldn’t give a fig as long as her food is on time and her favoured sleeping place is available. They’d all better buck up their ideas because the pet passports are not going to be cheap!

999798_10202863482933876_2009059477_n 964109_10201127888945111_1000151033_o

Bobo and Vinnie looking jointly pensive.  Saphie would not deign to have her photo taken!

Danielle, number 4 (by a few months) chronologically of the 6 children will be house/pet sitting with Alfie her beau whilst we are away.  I’m struggling not to be like my own parents and leave lists everywhere.  Given that Amalia, number 3 chronologically once had a 17th birthday party that cost £4K in damage we are slightly worried but optomistic.  We have been working non stop to get our home ready for sale but have stopped at the downstairs – you know, just in case!

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