Dover chaos and Gradishte festival

2000, yes 2000 poor souls, aka immigrants, apparently stormed Calais and the Euro Tunnel last night.  The images on the news decry the “storming” tag.  Numbers of sad and depleted looking individuals saunter towards the tunnel, heads down and despondent.  The upshot is chaos at both Calais and Dover.


The M20 has become a car park for lorries; cars and vans are being rerouted via Maidstone and the A249, A20.  Thats OK if you live in London and east of it. For Terry and I it’s a whole lot of road that doesn’t need to be covered.  What should have been a 2 hour journey is looking to be doubled.  Our ferry leaves at 05:30, we need to be there at least 90 minutes beforehand (04:00) and we’re going to leave 3 hours for the journey (01:00) equates to a sleepless night and to be honest a bit of a headache travel wise.


Alex, a Scot living in the village shared some shots of the village festival under the “Venerable Oaks” and a simply epic bread/pizza oven.  Who knew pizza would be so popular and so well made in Bulgaria!  National Culture and local folk law feature strongly at village festivals.  Whilst there is alcohol there’s no top 20 music and there’s certainly no hooligans rampaging half naked amongst the families.

breadovengradishte folkdancinggradishte

Linda tells me that the temperatures in Bulgaria are topping 40 degrees!  I’ve lived through these temperatures but Terry hasn’t.  I shall be listening out for the heavy breathing, usually the domain of the dirty old man, as a precursor to Terry needing to cool down.  He’s a bit like the old chest freezer; when he’s too hot he starts to wheeze.  I’m hoping the weather breaks because the house in Gradishte doesn’t have either water or electricity connected yet.  The super effficient agent Ivelin, apparently, has it in hand.  Until it is we are both hoping the well hasn’t dried up otherwise we are going to be buying an awful lot of water.  Tony, Terrys’ step dad sold us, for an extremely discounted price, his almost new generator so we shall be equipped for electricity.  The aged camping stove has been unearthed for cooking, both en route and whilst at the house..


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