The house, a reality check and the dream returns

Monday 2nd August A good sleep, air conditioning and a long hot shower and Terry and I set out at 08:30 for our house; a good 45 minutes away with the temperature already in the mid 20’s.  We drove Gertie into the village in the cold hard light of day and felt so much better.  The demons of our dusk visit of yesterday vanished as the birdsong and peace settled around us like a comfy shirt.

The entrance to the village



The road to the house

We were still awed at the job ahead even in the light of day.  I set up the gas rings and cool bags to make breakfast whilst Terry started emptying the van.  We sat down to a cooked breakfast and in the discussion afterwards Terry had a tiny meltdown.  He put his hands in his head and said he didn’t even know where to begin.  I was worried because Terry always knows what to do.  So I said buck up  start clearing the area in front of the house and I’ll start clearing the inside.  I knew Terry wanted to try out the industrial strimmer we’d got from his step dad Tony and the chainsaw he’ recently bought. I didn’t want to be inside but I had a new broomstick and a fantastic shovel with a long handle that reminded me of the pooper scooper at home!  Of course we didn’t take before photos, we never do!  A days work and I mean hard labour produced excellent results.  Terry cleared the area directly in front of the house and I’d swept ceiling to floor and bagged all the rubbish in the downstairs of the old and new house.  Actually I’ve just realised that the header picture is a before shot – before Terry started clearing the front of the house.

The retro “washing machine!” that matches the well


The posts to the well and the path to it from the house


The entrance to the kingdom and a piece of mdf disguised as a gate


The barn conversion from the garden

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 20150804_122022  

The trellised walkway from house, passed the outside compost loo to the outbuildings


The well, we found out, is drinking water.  The water is cool even in 37 degrees


The front after the big clear up


The trellis in front of the summer kitchen, hanging grapes included despite having not been pruned for 10 years


The rather wide door between what will be the kitchen and hallway or boot room to the barn conversion.  It reminds me of the German phrase corpulently schlank          hallold inglenook

The hallway to the old house with an Inglenook fireplace       


From the lounge to what will become the kitchen


From the study into the old house hallway and then storage room.  The little glass panel sits in the 33cm wall cavity and is used to put a candle to light both rooms in the event of a power cut


The steps down from what was the hideous panelled kitchen that will become the dining room.  The hole in the ceiling from the roof damage can just be seen.  The floors in the old house are earthen and corn stick mix that have been there since the house was built.

So the proper first day in the house was a productive one and at 8pm after an inpromptu meal cooked on the camping gas  stove we packed up and returned to the hotel in time to fall into the shower and bed

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