Taking William to school, pointing and Ami’s flat!

I’m very excited that I have been asked if I would like to accompany William to school this morning.  I am about to make myself look a bit less like an Irish navvy working on site and more like a Grandma.  I don’t want to stand out from the crowd.  I remember form the kids what a “no,no” it was for a child to have a parent/grandparent that stood out from the crowd at the school gates.  Heck where are my dresses!

Yesterday the second batch of carpet arrived but still no carpet grips.  We ordered the bedroom carpets, the hall stairs and landing carpet and stair grips from 1 company and they have spread out deliveries over 3 days and have kept me tied to the house.


In many ways it has helped me control my sporadic very scatty  behaviour.  I have been rather productive; wall[paper removed, the faulty sander returned and replaced, the wall of the back room filled whilst Terry dealt with the plaster underneath the window, the back wall and along to the fireplace.



The vegetable patch is no more and yesterday I heaved about great stones to form a “artisan” wall rather than take them to the tip.  I could not kill the fruit canes so I made a bed between what was the veg patch and the decking and made a green divider out of raspberries, gooseberries and loganberries.  I used the spreading strawberries as a green rug.  The lawn is awful but there is little I can do in the time we have left other than to mow it regularly.  I shifted the small and medium scaffold poles from the lawn to the patio in readiness for the weekend and looking at the front of the house.  The pile of rubbish from the work is growing and a trip to the trip is definitely in order.


We have to repair and paint or replace the barge board.  The house is the tallest in the street with the apex of the house forward facing.  This means that the barge board is frighteningly high.  The down pipes also need sanding and repainting.


I was introduced to pointing last night.  I’d watched Terry mix up “muck” straight after work and spend 2-3 hours a night pointing and in a moment of weakness I offered to try and help.  It looked so easy but was singularly the most frustrating job I have ever undertaken.   Anyone that knows me is conversant with the fact that I am caghanded; it was pitiful to watch as trowel after trowel of “muck” fell from my “perps” and splattered on the trestle and ground.


Amalia aka Ami has finally found a 2 bed flat that she will be sharing with her friend Ilias.  He’s Greek so it will give her the opportunity to better her Greek and she will help him better his English.  A win, win situation.  They are moving in tonight and Terry and I are shooting up after work to move them.  We also finally have permission to deal with Ami’s boxes.  I can’t tell you the relief.  I checked on Gumtree and their flat is adorable and definitely a student flat but in a rather splendid converted mansion!

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