“I have very, very exciting news”, James’s return, Brutus’s departure and even more decorating

Danielle, Terry eldest daughter and number, second eldest in the blended fan contacted me on Facebook Messenger with the words “I have very, very exciting news”.  Agog didn’t come close!  Terry, laid next to me said “Well what is it?”  I didn’t know but 100 and 1 things flew through my mind.  It is always tricky when one of the children say something like this because exciting news is very subjective and very personal.  Facebook messenger did that annoying thing that gives you the impression something is going to be said and then it isn’t.  The suspense was immense.  Finally a long message came through and Danielle aka Dani wrote that she’d attend her alma-mats college with a view to looking at furthering her Animal Management qualifications  and had found herself mistakenly in another room that was presenting an evening Access course in English, History and Philosophy.  So Dani has inveigled her way onto the course and with the college footing the bill.  It couldn’t be a better combination for her; three courses that she loves.  As I said to her Nan, “it seems the girls take the long way round to University but get there in the end”!  Terry and I are extremely proud of her needless to say.

danielle James and Keata returned from Greece following a 12 hour stop over in Oslo.  Ah the beauty of youth; after almost 24hours of travel they looked a very good looking and radiant couple.  James had shown Keata the alternative Greece; the Greece that Greeks know.  Papous was very glad of the company and they made sure he was very comfortable during their stay taking him to his beloved Caravan in Chamomilia shown in the header image.  I was pleased to hear that Keata had enjoyed the food because food is love n Greece!  James had hired what he was expecting to be a Citroen C1 in Athens and was surprised to find they had upgraded him to a 2015 VW Polo which he fell in love with. I picked them up from the ferry in James’s Mercedes and he dropped Keata off to her family for her 22nd birthday celebrations then drove me home to pick up Brutus.  Brutus went absolutely ballistic even before James had stepped through the door.  That ungrateful beast, after all that love and attention he couldn’t wait to get out the door.  There’s thanks for you!

jamesand keata


As for the house, well the decorating and fixing and installing seems endless.  I got to grips with the dinosaur of a floor sander and sanded the back room whilst Terry continued with the pointing.  We then both came together in the back room; Terry to move the radiator  from the back wall to underneath the window and to move a plug socket from underneath the window to the alcove next to the fireplace.  I started the tedious job of missing the sawdust with PVA and filing in between the floorboards and any random holes.  It was a back breaking day and we eventually put the mattress down at 10pm.  We’d been up since 06:30.  We didn’t get to the tip but that’s what we will be dong tomorrow, amongst other things 😦

radiator                        sander debris


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