Scaffolders mate, the tip, head holding and unexpected presents

What a weekend, I feel broken, quite literally broken!  On Saturday Terry called James around and he helped us get the scaffolding started at the front of the house.  Terry is 5’6″ and James 6’1″ whilst I’m 5’2″; an unlikely scaffolding crew to be sure.  It was a pleasure to watch Terry and James work together; they are both gemini’s, exceptionally strong and flexible despite their disparate heights.  Although not left in the aisles I was spared some of the most difficult and dangerous moments of scaffolding.  Holding a 21 foot metal pole upright whilst another 21 foot pole is held by someone else and a third pole is attached.  Once that is accomplished the rest is just hard slog and back breaking work.  James, as arranged, had to leave to pick up William after that first hour.  Terry is a tank and quite literally herculean in his strength but I have to say the day broke me physically.  I don’t know how but we also loaded a full vans worth of rubbish, went to the tip and dumped it as well as a trip to Wickes to buy more scaffold boards and finally a last minute shop at Aldi.  I didn’t even eat; I just fell into bed.  Terry went and indulged himself in a Maccie D which probably wasn’t a best choice given he has a horrible tummy bug!

20150913_120905The insanely high scaffolding so we can repaint the original barge board and the down pipes.

Neither Terry nor I feel any joy in having to do this particular job.  The height of the gable end is vertiginous  and the scaffold though well designed does nothing to allay the fears of 2 rather small homeowners with more skill than courage. We decided to concentrate on other things this weekend 🙂


The trip to the tip was joyous by comparison with our earlier activities.  Saturday is always popular so waiting in the malodorous queue was somewhat relaxing.  I saw someone throwing away a rather nice concrete sink but the thought of carrying any more weight stopped me from accosting the owner and inveigling it’s change of ownership.

Sunday morning neither of us got up at our usual time.  Terry was up most of the night with explosive diarrhoea. I ached so badly I couldn’t find a comfortable position and then Terry had an attack of cramp that was terrifying, he actually screamed in pain.  We were a tableau of misery and the dogs were beside themselves wondering what was going on.  Eventually at 8am we finally dragged ourselves off the mattress on the floor.  I shot off to the car boot to look for more lighting and left Terry sanding down the front room door.  I’d be lying if I said the trip to the car boot wasn’t welcome.  It wasn’t a particularly good one and I didn’t find any lights but I bought Terry 2 hoodies for work and 2 pairs of boots for myself for £4 – what a bargain.  Then just as I was walking out I saw a set of Spanish terracotta ceramic ovenware.  Surprisingly the lady accepted £3 and I gleefully carried the heavy pots to the car.  They’d never been out of the box or used!

potsHaving had a bit of a break I cracked on with sanding a door outside in the sunshine and soon after the front door rattled and the dogs set up a cacophonous warning alarm.  Terry opened the door to James and William.  William, coy and flushed held up a beautiful bunch of crimson red gadioli.  He offered them up to me and as I caught my gorgeous grandson in a hug he fumbled in his pocket and withdrew a pink plastic princess, the type you get in a children’s meal at McDonalds, and said the princess was a special present for me.  My heart melted because he’d thought to keep it and give it to me.  James had bought us both presents from Greece too!  Terry had a rather beautiful box containing a travel chess set and I had a 3D diary set in an Acropolis setting and Keata had bought us a lovely ceramic Acropolis ornament.  Lovely reminders of Greece.

20150913_120748The beautiful Gladioli amongst the chaos of the kitchen


My presents, the most treasured of which is the little pink plastic princess and it will travel with me wherever I go.

I spent a lovely hour with William, laughing and playing body slam with plastic leap frog toys into a container of water, finger guns and shooting each other and just general silly stuff that makes us both laugh.  I had to return to my duties so it was with heavy heart that William left with his Dad and I managed to get a shot of him in the car wearing his Dad’s sunglasses


When I came back into the house Terry looked terrible and we sat for a fractious half hour generally bitching about each other and Terry holding his head in his hands saying we’d managed to do nothing this weekend and he couldn’t find his tools in all the chaos.  I recognised the symptoms of a meltdown caused by extreme tiredness.  He actually lay down on the dog cushions motionless so I stood up emptied the vacuum cleaner, collected the duster, plastic bags and a broom.  I worked from top to bottom and dusted, swept and vacuumed until I reached the kitchen by which time Terry was feeling better.  We called a stop to all further work and went up and sorted the tools out.  I swept up the patio and put the dinner on.  After we’d eaten I sorted out clothes and Terry put the architrave back on the doors downstairs and at that point I called an end to the weekends activities.  Enough is enough!

It was at that moment that I remembered the stained glass window we’d sent for repair still hadn’t been returned.  The front door looks forlorn, as if one of it’s twin children has gone missing.  That’s a job for tomorrow though.


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