Opitvam se da ucha Bulgarski and other news

I am trying to learn Bulgarian and it is difficult.  The alphabet alone requires the skill of a Graphics graduate and my terrible handwriting makes writing Bulgarian torturous.  I swing between using the roman alphabet and punishing myself with the Cyrillic alphabet.  There aren’t going to be any images in this post because there hasn’t been time.  I’m just catching people up on news.  So in other news Dani did get funding for her Access course and starts this Tuesday and both Terry and I are very proud of her.  James is going to inherit my eldest brother Marks Polo as he is, in turn, inheriting our parents Golf. James is absolutely thrilled because the old but beautiful Merc he’s currently running is expensive and he would never have had the money to make the change.  James is especially pleased because the Polo is a manual.  Amalia is firmly ensconced in her new bijoux flat in Brighton waiting for her Fine Art Printmaking course to start and working at Black Pearl in the Laines.  She inherited a ginger hamster that looks like Donald Trumps hair piece; it was hiding under her fridge and almost gave her kittens when it ran out across the room in a mad dash for a dropped crumb!  Of course she and Ilia are going to keep it and have named it Roger Rat.

Being back at work means a rest from the back breaking physical labour and much needed intellectual input.  The students are back and the city is lit up with their youthful presence.  So even as Autumn rolls in with darker evenings the onslaught of youth banishes the blues.  I shall miss the hubbub of student life but not the reality of having to work.  The office has been pared back, polished and with a new minimalist feeling feels appropriate to our young clients.  I caught myself saying “we’re down with the kids” when explaining to a bunch of roaming students that we are Twitter, Facebook and Skype compliant. The kids at home would have cringed because it’s probably now SnapChat or some other new app that’s trending.  I try.

In other news last week I bumped into Julie my Greek friend and we had a truly cacophonous Greek catch up in the middle of an Artisan bakery.  Julie is so abundantly full of life that it is impossible not to feel energized in her presence. Coincidentally the woman serving in the shop was a young woman who had, in another lifetime for both of us, quite literally been a lifesaver.  Elle if you ever read this there will never be words enough to thank you ❤

Terry and I have been lucky enough to have shared 3 Sunday roasts at my parents with my siblings and my sister in law.  It was wonderful to sit with grown up family and three times in a row!  Nowadays we do that at Christmas only.  It was also indescribably kind because working the hours that we have been Sunday roasts have not been on the menu.

Special mention in this post to Linda and the horrors of her partner Roger’s herniated stoma and the associated horrors or attaching a bag to it.

And as I write off I recall passing my beloved Terry as we drove to work in our separate vehicles.   My heart lurched with love; he never stops even through illness but he looked tired and thin.  I shall have to spoil him because he is so very worth his weight in every single way

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