The Weather, leaving friends behind, Ami and the thought of never having to get up for work again!

I have made a pledge to keep an eye on the weather in Gradishte.  It’s no good planning to be self sufficient if I have no idea of the seasons.  I’m somewhat gratified to see it is still a very pleasant 21 degrees out there.  I have a woefully small number of horticultural tools to take with me.  In comparison to Terry who has a tool for every possible job in the house or on a car I manage with the bare bones; shovel, fork, how and rake,  I don’t think that is going to cut the mustard on 3/4 of an acres of overgrown wilderness.  I have been slowly buying up the Strawbridge brothers tomes Made at Home on topics from Bread, to Storing produce and Smoking meat.  They generally retail at £12.99 a book but I have been buying them at Aldi for £1.99 each.  I love the way the books give an overview, a detailed view and then actual pictures and a step by step guide.  I’m a visual learner; being extremely literal makes reading written instruction almost impossible.

strawbridge made at home 

I am also feeling the pain of leaving my friends behind.  I’m not a particularly sociable person and I suppose I’m not the best communicator in the world but I do love my friends dearly.  I hope that this new adventure will not leave them by the wayside. I’m having coffee with one tomorrow during work lunch time because it’s the only time I have free.  Well it’s nearly always about work anyway. It should officially be a working lunch because we discuss such a plethora of subject areas that appertain to work and it is always a really refreshing experience.

Amalia has finally started drawing again and is in the week before starting Uni.  I wonder if she’ll get the colliwobbles, she always has done before starting somewhere new.  She is smart, beautiful and totally motivated but in some ways she’s still that little girl starting school and not knowing anyone.  When do you stop wanting to protect your kids?  I know she will fall face first into the course.  We’ve been chatting more recently and it’s been so lovely, it’s just a shame we are constrained by minutes.  I miss her long soliloquys about herself.  I’m not good at cutting her short.


And to finish this brief blog – soon we are never going to HAVE to work again – you know just so you all understand why we are doing this 🙂


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