Moon cakes, produce from Paris, a visit from Ami and two birthdays!

On Friday two of my Chinese students popped into my office with Moon cakes.  Jianwen had returned home to China for the summer and bought hers straight from her home town as a present for the support she received last year.  Shawni had travelled from London back to her Alma Mater to say how much she missed us and how lonely she felt starting her Masters at UCL London.  You are not supposed to have favourites but I do and Shawni was one of them.  Such a lovely scrap of humanity I almost wanted to encourage her plans to bail out of London and return to us.  But I held my tongue. We now have boxes of Moon cakes in the office!

After leaving work I bought a sack of dog food as Paris and Jack were dog sitting Lexie for James as he attended his Pappous’s funeral in Athens. He hadn’t had time to take any food for her.  It was going to be a difficult call delivering it because I would see my beloved William and not be able to stay  and play.  They are a cheerful household smelling redolently of freshly baked bread. William immediately informed me that “Daddy had a mergency”!  Jack informed me that William had secreted some of the school’s play money in his trousers and brought it home for Grandma because “she has no pennies”.  He is so bright and I will put the comment into context; Grandma had no pennies for slot machines at Monkey Bizness!  As I said my farewells Paris gave me some of her freshly dug up leeks and 5 bags of herbs, Sage, Thyme, Origano, Basil and Chives .  I used them on the evenings meal of herby leek and potato au gratin!  Cheers Paris!


And it was a good job that I made a vegetarian meal as Amalia texted us to say she was on her way over from Brighton.  I was duly expected to pick her up at 8:30pm from Fareham train station.  Terry cracked on with DIY whilst I cooked and prepped for Amalias return.  She will be on a mattress on the floor with the carpets in the front room.  Vinnie was besides himself with joy and had difficulty leaving her side.   It was lovely to be able to actually talk to Ami without the constraint of telephonic minutes.  On Saturday morning she inveigled a fiver from both Terry and I and set off to the Cancer Research charity shop returning hours later with 5 items of clothing.  I made us all what I like to think were delicious pasta meals before dropping Ami back at the station in Fareham so she could rush back to Brighton and a “Side Trance” party – please don’t ask because I have no idea!  Brighton has changed Amalia into a confident, wonderful young woman (if you read this I don’t care if you think that’s old fashioned!) and I am truly the happiest I have been in regard to Amalia and her life.  It was time for her to move on.

amunvin  amiside

Terry and I carried straight on to his Mums to see Dani the birthday girl.  We’d transferred the prerequisite monetary donation earlier in the day so this was to exchange hugs and a birthday card.  Dani was taking a nap so whilst Denise woke her up Tony made us a cuppa.  We don’t get together very often so by the time Dani and boyfriend Alfie came down the stairs there were two contiguous conversations synchronously plying for dominance.  Dani was all pink and soft with sleep and with magnificent fortitude assured us, with a mean bedhead and trackie bottoms, that she had to be out in half an hour!  We ate cake then Dani disappeared and true to her word reappeared looking drop dead gorgeous in a beautiful birthday dress in a half hour.  It was that moment of horror for any Father when his daughter looks like every young mans dream girl.  I thought he was going to throw a blanket round her  and usher her back to her room – poor Terry.  We piled Alfie and Ryan from up the road in the back of the van whilst Dani and I rode shotgun and Terry did what he does best;  ramped up the “chunes” and drove like the devil incarnate to Waterlooville to drop them off.  Various squeals and gasps accompanied the blaring music as we careened about corners and sped up carriageways.


On Sunday my incandescently, iridescently beautiful Mom celebrated her 75th birthday!  I shall write a separate post about the work Terry and I did over the weekend but suffice to say by the time we managed to get to Moms we were filthy dirty, knackered and physically broken.  We accepted their offer of tea and chatted with my younger brother Drew, the birthday girl and my Dad.  I didn’t feel bad for the brevity of the visit,  My niece Sophie and her girlfriend Walker had been as well as my brother Mark and his wife Caroline.  Ma looked ready for a rest so we left in order for Terry to finish a job , me to cook and both of us to tidy up the chaos!

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