Update on the DIY

THE LIST is becoming shorter by the day but then I feel my life expectancy might be too!  Terry and I undertook an epic weekend of work starting after work on Friday and ending at 10pm Sunday night.  All three bedrooms are carpeted, the back room has had first and second coats of emulsion on the walls and ceiling, The picture rails and skirting boards have been sanded down and reattached to walls etc.  There have been 2 trips to the tip.  On Saturday we actually put out a call on Facebook for someone to help shift 2 tonnes of concrete roof tiles for £30.  A chap called Mike turned up and between the three of us we shifted and lifted about 700 tiles, loaded them into the van (which was definitely legally overloaded) then unloaded and carried them to the rubble container at the tip.  Never was a £30 better spent but three hours so sadly missed.  I report, with heavy heart, that there are still another 300 or so to go and they are larger.  However this was a big move towards clearing the garden.  We made a second trip with all the aggregates and general rubbish straight after but without the help of Mike.  Terry installed the new front garden gate whilst I prepped dinner and wondered morosely when it would all end!


First Bedroom carpeted

 20150927_171711 20150927_171732


 Second bedroom carpetedbrbackround1


First Coat in the back room


Second coat in the back room

Monday night after work, and with little will to do so, we took the sofa and arm chair to the tip.  I had vacillated for months as to whether we would be taking it us with us to Bulgaria or not.  It was well made but had seen so much action and it was not comfortable so when we did take it to the tip and it was thrown in the skip rather than it being a possible sale item I knew the decision was the right one.  It was a relief to let it go.  We then returned home and loaded the van with the large bits of furniture to be stored at Drews house.  More lifting and shifting of heavy items into the van.  And then more unloading and shifting to Drews spare room on the first floor.  I’ve never been to his house and was pleasantly surprised at the size of it and the generous proportions of the room.  It was spacious in the extreme and situated atop a Mount in name and geographical physiology.  Drew sprawled comfortably on his super long uber masculine sofa till we’d finished and then made us a cup of tea.   I can’t remember the drive home or the getting into bed but I can remember clearly the horror I felt when the alarm clock sounded at 05:30 and another day had broken.

Tuesday night and Terry and I were sniping at each other to such an extent that we split our tasks and went our separate ways to undertake the latest jobs on the list.  I painted the posts to the new front garden gate whilst Terry emptied the shed nearest to the house and plumbed in the washing machine.  We are now emptying the kitchen to instal the new one which we are ordering on Wednesday night.  I will now have to leave the house to get to the washing machine and the fridge freezer; I’m not sure where we are going to plumb in a sink or on what I am going to cook as yet.  I cleaned the back room window and double glazing seals then stained the wooden window sill, hearth surround and hallway door.  I had to stop mid task to help Terry with the really heavy items such as the cast iron solid rule burner and his metal mechanics top box, fridge freezer etc.  We’d invested £10 in a used sack truck which came into it’s own that evening.  I didn’t start the evening meal till 7:45 and by the time I’d eaten it I was ready for bed.  At least we can now see the patio but there is yet another pile of things for the tip.  We have used 8 of the permitted 12  visits a year.


The old fridge freezer and washing machine set up in the shed


3 thoughts on “Update on the DIY

  1. People have asked me about the painting in the picture. It is one of Amalia’s pieces which she created when she was 17 and won the artist of the year award at her then college. It is a mixture of oils, fabric, which she hand died and acrylic. I have loved it since it’s creation and it will come to Bulgaria for pride of place in the living room.


  2. Like the picture. Wow Ami is truly gifted.
    I didn’t realize the skip limits you to 12 visits a year .. is that because it’s a full van of stuff ?


  3. We think she is 🙂 It applies to anything over an estate car really and lasts a year. Not what we had expected – having to pay to recycle. It’s a sign of things to come


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