Running ahead of ourselves!

I must be ovulating or something.  What was I thinking calling the estate agents around to value the property when we are still not tidied up properly!  Am I completely insane?  Given that we are both working full time, I am as unstable as a three legged horse and there is no money in the coffers for the eye candy, the finishing touches that should hint at our lifestyles.  I know I should be APA 6th referencing here because I surely lifted that little gem from someone elses less that literary repertoire.

Last night was absolutely manic.  Terry started carpeting the stairs whilst I took apart the lookalikee crack den that passes as our living space.  I have to say that removing the patchwork of carpet fragments that has become the floor covering was particularly enjoyable.  After 2 hours I had reduced our presence in the room to one cheerful, red bag for life from  Lidl and our mattress and bedding.  Clothes were stuffed in the washing washing then draped around the house to dry, three times.  I cleaned the kitchen windows and the door windows but by 9:30pm we were both done in.  Terry wasn’t happy with the carpet; the stripes just didn’t line up so we downed tools and chewed over whether we should call off the valuations.  But no, no we are not going to do that.  Together we are a tour de force and I am 100% sure that the house, apart from fresh flowers, which I will save for the viewing and photographs, will be ready to be seen.

I am not going to unveil the kitchen or the downstairs just yet but here’s the garden looking a whole lot tidier than it has for a number of months.  It still needs jet washing and a cheery few flowers for the viewing public but considering it looked like it does in the above image we are pretty happy.  It was taken getting ready to shift the 11th  van load of rubbish from the house and garden

middle garden garden in full beach garden 20151026_064356 20151025_170000 20151025_165921Convincing myself that the garden has four clearly delineated areas and the fact that the grass is somewhat shoddy and the patio very average will not matter

I firmly believe that if someone is a gardener they will happily work on the garden and if there are kids there are endless possibilities with one large workshop and a shed in the garden.  We replaced two of the neighbours fence panels.  She is at her daughters for the foreseeable future so we did a charitable act that also is beneficial to us.  The old panels had all but disintegrated and the dogs were becoming increasing difficult to pen in.

We have chosen three local estate agents to value the property on Wed, Thurs and Friday after work.  I wonder what the price range will be.  I’ve been keeping an eye out for house prices up and down the road and they seem both buoyant and reasonably favorably priced.  On that note I take leave of the keyboard and scurry off to teach!

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