The kitchen, estate agents, conveyancing, snagging and dressing

The journey from demolition to kitchen is about as complete as it can be despite last week being a terrible week.   I have had to seriously sit myself down and let Terry take over; never an easy task.  So all credit to Terry who not only continued single handed with the completion of the kitchen but had to look after me too ❤


It seems inconceivable that we have gone from empty shell and rubbish piles to a lovely kitchen.

The largest of our rubbish piles – we could barely leave the back door


A gazzillion cardboard boxes later a kitchen emerges out of the chaos like a pheonix


The original “ladder effect” flooring; a design error that proved a false economy!

right kitchen

The new unified flooring

So the house was suddenly ready to call in the estate agents and get evaluations.  We invited both sets of parents to look at our handiwork.  Between illness, work and the renovation we have managed to keep the latter work to the house under wraps.  My parents made it half an hour before the first valuation.  Both Terry and I were “super stoked” by their appreciation of our hard work.  We had a last minute disaster when the blinds in the back room collapsed as I tried to show the garden.  My Dad, who had asked to see the garden was mortified and set off to get a replacement blind.  They returned with a new blind, some new tea towels and micro fibre cloths.  The renovation has depleted our tea towels; they are crumpled and covered in all kinds of stuff from boiled linseed oil to cement!  Terrys parents came to see the house later and were also impressed, so much so that they stayed an hour and a half.

The valuations went supremely well and we are suitably gob smacked at what our hard work has been able to achieve.  It is also a validation that we are able to do the same, to a lesser scale, in Wales followed shortly afterwards by our biggest project yet, a complete renovation in Bulgaria!

Draft_Particulars   Click the link to see the agents pictures of the house!  A better photographer indeed

We’ve begun collating research on houses in Wales now.  The open house for the marketing of this house is next Saturday.  We have dressing issues and garden to consider only.  That and keeping the house immaculate for a week!  Bodie has already ruined 1 set of blinds by madly scrabbling at them on seeing us return to the house after shopping!

We have been extremely clear with both estate agents and solicitor that we are ready to move and would look favourably on anyone not in a chain.  Who knows we could be in Wales for Christmas!

2 thoughts on “The kitchen, estate agents, conveyancing, snagging and dressing

  1. Can’t fault Ikea for a quick slick solution! A friend of ours is about to cut a mature Poplar in his village at the behest of the Mayor no less. Antony is going to make live edge, solid, 1 piece worktops with the tree. The choice was payment or take the tree. As he’s an arboroculturist it was a no brainer! We’re hoping to barter for some of his bounty!


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