Plenty of interest but no offers yet, William, Christmas and trying not to let the ants in my pants unsettle me

So the open day happened and very positive feedback has been received and 2 couple want a second viewing BUT there are no offers on the table!  I am told that I am being unreasonable and that people don’t buy premium properties after 1 look – bah I don’t agree.  I am not a very patient person so I have a feeling this is going to be a painful process!

I popped around to James’s this weekend to play with William whilst Terry fitted a fuel pump on the old Merc.  James and William had their Christmas tree up and William told me he had helped Daddy to put it up.  However as usual we descended into serious play mode with Zombies being the chosen topic this week.  I’m not sure how William knows about Zombies but we had a fine time dashing between kitchen and hallway, dodging Lexie and Brutus and of course the aforementioned Zombies.  A fair degree of killing happened and as an academic and Grandmother I wonder if I should be encouraging this type of play.  Then I took a deep breath and remembered that we were playing.  It is, after all, no good me insisting that there is no such thing as Zombies when they feature heavily even in children’s cartoons.  I told William that his broken hand held shooter was actually an invisible Zombie melter!  He seemed quite impressed at it’s ability to melt Zombies till you couldn’t see them any more.  I feel guilty but happy to have given Wills the belief that he and his plastic 3 shooter can destroy a very real fear

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