Silence is golden!

Well many apologies for the silence, we have been extremely busy!  I wish I could report that the house has sold but it hasn’t.  And with Christmas coming we are pragmatic about the viability of it moving before the festive season.  It has hit us hard 😦

Terry is refurbing our friend Claires house, a pretty big job and I’m in the office all day.  I think it’s fair to say he misses being a team.  It feels weird for me too – I love physical labour and I would truly love to be there.  However we are making the best of it.  I treat myself daily to my favourite Bulgaria blogs, the type that resonate with our dreams.  We will be exactly 1 year behind the one couples blog and several more after the other couples blogs.  And to celebrate their existence here’s the name of their blogs and .  We have been able to assure ourselves that we can find the building equipment we need and that we can work towards self sufficiency and of course that Bulgaria is a wonderful place to live.  Thanks to both couples for their invaluable updates

Work is extremely busy and keeps me from wishing my life away.  This week I’m working all week with Diane or as I like to call her; the delightful Diane.  It means that, as work horses and with end of term approaching, we are going to be under siege for the next 2 weeks. Time will fly!

I was supposed to be recording a video this week as teaching material for use by a regional steering committee I sit on.  Thankfully it was called off and postponed till the New Year.  I have a committee meeting on the 22nd but that’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.

In other news a list of redundant equipment was released for sale on Friday – it caused 500 emails to be sent within an hour of posting.  I had, rather cheekily, applied for a plethora of items from LCD projectors, to camcorders, to lightboxes and audio visual equipment.  I didn’t get what I wanted apart from the light boxes until someone mentioned that there were slightly more expensive cam corders that didn’t sell.  So I grabbed a couple and the 6 Wacoms and felt cheerful.  Do love my techie bits!  They will be distributed to family as Christmas presents.

Well folks there hasn’t been much about Bulgaria for a while and I feel it sorely.  Apologies for the lack of pictures but I’ll try for next time





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