Mom and Dad

This post is a thank you for all the support my parents have given us.  It is been unmitigated in it’s generosity.  If it wasn’t for their generosity we would not be able to set off to live our dream.

Nearly 16 years ago I arrived back to England from my 18 year travels. I had a husband and 2 children in tow.  Three languages and a shedload full of experience in a whole range of skills none of which would get me a good enough job.  My parents actually opened their beautiful home to us for 9 months; a sacrifice by any other name!  When our hopes of getting a mortgage were scuppered one after the other they paid the deposit to the house we now live in and the means to fund our current move.  It didn’t stop there, the double glazing, a kitchen, two cars and  too much more to mention.  They have helped me get out of a spiralling credit card hell and have always been happy to help the children and much loved great grandson William.  They supported me through a divorce and in my higher education journey.

My parents are bemused that we want to “risk” so much; career, finances and all the other things that parents perennially worry about.  Well I put the fault squarely at their feet.  I had a peripatetic childhood as a Naval Officers daughter and absolutely loved it and have never been able to settle since.  The excitement of packing up and going somewhere new or even abroad!  Oh the experiences, the languages, the culture, the food. I had my senses assaulted from a very young age and I can’t seem to shake my passion for pastures new.  I exclude every school I ever attended apart from the British Embassy school in Singapore.  I never enjoyed education till I was 37 and went to uni.

I am so happy that Terry and I following our dream and in no small measure my parents have enabled that dream.  Thanks Mom and Dad.  I have not included a photo because my Mom NEVER likes any photo anyone ever takes despite being a very beautiful woman.




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