The unexpected, family and the waiting game

This year I had one particular text message and another via social media that every step parent in the world wants to receive and believe you me it was the best feeling imaginable.  I don’t need to go into details but I wanted to acknowledge them as  truly epic moments.  Family comes in all shapes and sizes and none more so that the extended, blended family.  It’s complexities are manyfold and navigating it for all concerned can be a treacherous path with no rule book to guide the way.  It requires give and take from all sides – it’s just the time management of the give and take that is tricky.  If I could give any advice it’s take your time, don’t take things personally, be prepared to make mistakes but be big enough to recognise them and make amends, have patience and never, ever give up.  So this soliloquy is in admiration of the children, siblings (of all variations) parents (of all variations) who do make the blended family journey a success!

What to say about the waiting game?  The house is not yet sold but interest post Christmas is definitely picking up exponentially, I’m sure in no way due to a combination of the change in the weather and the proximity of a post Christmas pay check!  It doesn’t stop the incredibly cacophonous ticking of time that accompanies both my waking and sleeping hours.  For every day that goes by I think about missing the opportunity of planting potatoes for a winter crop or not getting the new roof on the Bulgarian house before next winter.  But then the smallest things make me rejoice at the delay.  The smallest thing is William our much loved Grandson.  We spent Sunday with William and that included a prolonged playmobil session which had us sprawled on the floor munching bacon and sausage butties whilst setting up an offensive campaign to regain the castle from zombie invaders aka Vinnie and Bodie our Staffies.  We then all piled into the Focus and whilst Terry drove William and I used pretend radios, both screeching into  them and studding the conversation with Roger, over and out alongside Williams instruction to shoot or grenade various zombies (yes it is a recurring motif) and skelingtons (rhymed with wellingtons) dotted along the roadside.  When we reached Asda Terry set off for some shopping whilst William and I gleefully traversed the escalators endlessly giggling and pretending to avoid the eye of the security guard.   We chose some Spidermen curtains for his room at James’s a pack of character pants, 4 mini Milky Bars and a packet of crystals that when added to bath water crackle and pop like rice crispies on Meth Amphetamine (too much Breaking Bad!).  They are moments I cherish.  It is heart breaking that when I have to return him home he clings to me.  And that’s another thing to be grateful for, our relationship with Williams Mum Paris and her partner Jack, so amicable.  So perhaps this blog should rely have been entitled Gratitude.

News from Bulgaria, via my friend Linda tells of 8 days in the house with the external paths covered in enough ice to skate on.  The big thaw is coming soon she is reliably informed.  Further information floods in about electricity cuts and frozen water pipes and what occurs to me is the older and more traditional methods of heating your home work best and lagging of pipes has best results when the external pipes are packed with straw, covered in plastic and then generously dug under soil.  I’m all for keeping to tradition.  Let’s face it the Bulgarians were dealing with these conditions long before the advent of central heating and preformed synthetic pipe lagging.

My Bulgarian lessons are hard work and the more I learn to write the worse my spoken Bulgarian becomes.  I use the word language sparingly because a handful of words doth not a language maketh 😦  So good people apologies for my imageless post and hopefully my next post will hold better news









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