Being humble and resorting to Google Earth for my fix!

Sometimes in life there happens events that take your breath away with their cruelty and I’m not talking about the things that piss us all off.  I’m talking about possible life changing events, events that can have an irreversible impact.  We’ve recently experienced one of those and we are still not out of the woods but I want to say how very blessed Terry and I are in having the families we do.  They have staunchly stood by our sides and never wavered in their support.  So to our parents, our brothers and sisters and our children this is an epic thank you and that we are so grateful for your love and support.

We are still in the UK and having read possibly every blog and and forum post on Bulgaria I have resorted to trawling Gradishte via Google Earth.  It doesn’t target our house but it does the village in general.  That has been somewhat of an eye opener.  Gradishte is a small village so I assumed we had traversed it with equanimity in all directions.  It appears we haven’t.  I have spotted a few houses that I’d like to take a look at with an eye to buying.  I’ve also seen one in Patresh which we are considering buying whilst we renovate our current house.  We were thinking of buying a cheap and cheerful motor home but a house won’t lose value in the same way a motor home will.  The house in Patresh has half the land which is nearly all walled and the house is liveable.  That is it has a roof, doors, windows, a working toilet, a bathroom and kitchen but I use those terms loosely.  We could live there and it’s just a short drive to our dream home in Gradishte.

We have Gage, Terry’s nephew, staying with us for a bit.  I think we have missed having our children in the house and to be fair for a 19 year old boy he has been a pleasure to have around.  The picture below shows us getting the furniture mentioned below back to the house gypsy style!


We are expecting Amalia home this weekend and I’m thinking of having an open house buffet – something I haven’t done for ages.  There may not be too many times we can do that in the near future. It’s also a chance for James, Amalia and William to spend some time together.  Since Dani and Alfie spent their Valentines weekend snuggled up at his place I will have to hold another gathering soon.

Oh what I didn’t say was that we’d followed advice from my very canny Ma and decided to put some furniture  in the lounge and dining room in the hopes that we can get a buyer for the house.  Time is ticking and we want to be in Bulgaria so badly.  So we visited out local charitable foundation furniture shop Jacobs Well and went shopping with a measly £325.  For that we got a truly beautiful leather corner suite and armchair, an Indian wood style dining table with a solid triangular cone for a base and a ridiculously thick solid wood top and matching cream leather clad chairs, a a stag mahogany sideboard, a fabulous solid wood mahogany shelving unit about 5 foot long and 4 foot high and a television stand.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to eat at a table again, to sit on a sofa and to sleep on a bed.  Of course we are hoping beyond hope that now we’ve done this the house will sell.  It is a beautiful house and having it unfurnished just didn’t do it justice and it certainly made us depressed living on a mattress for so long.

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