To Sara

I am for once almost unable to get my words out.  I have spoken many times of the enjoyment, support and  information  from the blogs many people like myself follow.  The blogs that allow complete strangers to vicariously become part of a community of dreamers.  Those who have had a dream and are following it, just as Terry and I are planning to.  I follow blogs that are overwhelmingly positive, that encourage those dreamers who follow their dreams.  It has become an almost daily obsession, firing up the machine and opening the blogs in succession, for the thrill of an update, a new recipe, a new hatchling, how to smoke your own bacon, the vagaries of poly tunnels and overwhelmingly news about renovations, food, gardens and animals because they are the things we love.  Terry to my surprise is happy to sit through updates from the blogs and the content is often at the centre of our conversations.  Comments are passed back and forwards and that sense of community spreads to a feeling of family even though you may not even know a bloggers real name.

So on Saturday when I opened one of the blogs the words therein shattered me.  The husband of the author of one of the blogs wrote with such dignity and overwhelming love of the loss of his beloved wife Sara, that morning, in his arms.  What has stunned me is that he has kept up the blog allowing the psuedo community, the blogging family to come to terms with her loss, to grieve with him.  I didn’t know Sara was her name but I knew vicariously  her recipes, her animals, her huspand, her family.  I want to say in her honour that she shared so generously, her writings, her wisdom, her knowledge of the local wildlife so many things. Sara’s husband Dave has written so touchingly and with so much love that one can only hope to aspire to such love.


3 thoughts on “To Sara

  1. Hi, I just found your blog from reading ‘Move to Bulgaria’ from the beginning. I read Sara’s blog and I was so shocked. along with many others, to read that Sara had died. Dave has written so eloquently about her it is heart wrenching. He is determined to carry on with their dream. Even making brown sauce and cards for the car boot sale. I think it helps him that Sara’s sister and husband are close by and he has wonderful neighbours.
    I hope to find the time in the next little while to read your blog from the beginning and follow along on your dream of moving to Bulgaria. Take care.


    1. Hi Janice I apologise for not replying sooner. It was devastating news and a reminder for all of us to follow our dreams and put things off for another day. How wonderful that Sara did live her dream.


  2. Hi

    Sara’s death was such a shock! It has been wonderful to see the online community rally. I feel a bit of a cheat as we haven’t made it across yet – best laid plans and all that. I’ll be checking out your blog too! I love how easy it is to network via blogs. Take care too.


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