The benefits of adult children and when you are just too frightened to believe it will happen


I’ll have to preface this blog with the fact that I started this weeks ago 😦

On Wednesday evening our eldest lad James took me out in lieu of Mothers Day.  He booked and took me to a hidden gem of a restaurant in our hometown.  A Thai restaurant owned and run by one of his childhood friends parents.  James picked me up at 7:30, by which time I was thoroughly excited.  It was a wonderful evening and I was made to realise that the Thai food I had been eating was a very poor representation of what it should be.  The light delicate and fragrant food was neither sticky gloopy or MSG’d.  I would recommend the restaurant and as Terry knows that doesn’t happen often.  He has had to endure any number of, as he names them, walks of shame, as I leave restaurants.  I don’t see the point of paying for food that is substandard, cold, microwaved or unpalatable.  I take great care in cooking for the family so just enough is not good enough on the really few occasions we do eat out.  It was such a pleasure to be able to chat with James as an adult; we are very alike in all but looks and build.  He’s a strapping 6 footer with blond hair and blue eyes to my paltry 5’2, dirty blonde, brown eyed self.  However we both love food and cooking, we are both very family orientated and both hard workers.


Well finally we have had an offer that is solid and yesterday we had a survey.  Whilst the surveyor was a tad coy he did release that we wouldn’t have any problems.  I am afraid to believe this will all go through.  However,  I also believe you have to have faith so I’m putting my faith in the fact that this is all just a waiting game now.

We have arranged a weekend of getting all the boxes down from the loft and moved to Terrys parents house.  The furniture that we’ve just put around the house has to be moved to my brother Drews and anything left in the garden to my parents garage.  We didn’t manage to get this completely done but Terry has emptied the loft 100% and that is an enormous move.

We have begun in earnest to look at properties both on the market and at auction in Wales and in Nottingham.  It’s an enormous task and if I’m honest one that requires a bit of full time research.  I’m off over the Easter break and that’s what we’ll be doing.  And in lieu of not being in Gradishte yet here’s some images of our newly adopted village.  These are taken on the outskirts of the village mostly.  What resonates for me is the lack of motorised traffic

2 thoughts on “The benefits of adult children and when you are just too frightened to believe it will happen

  1. It does look rather peaceful. Love the donkey cart, brings back childhood memories in SA. I’ve had a few rides on them too, loved it. Only thing that wasn’t great was when a car overtakes you on a large, sandy dirt road that covers you in a dust cloud .. not great when you suffer from asthma.


  2. That happens here in the heat of summer! The adobe earth bakes to a red clay so by August driving on the tracks around the village distributes a fine thick red cloud over everything in about a 50m radius. I’m thinking of getting a spray attached to the bonnet to dampen down the earth! I buy my inhalers here without prescription and for 8 leva – bargaintastic!


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