Finding our mojo

It’s been a while since I posted and that reflects how the process of selling the house has taken it’s toll.  We are hopeful that exchange and completion is just around the corner and I’m going to remain positive that that is the case.  However yesterday we were awoken at 05:30 synchronously by my alarm clock and random hammering very close to the house.  Being still stupid with sleep we both studiously ignored the hammering but I dragged myself shower bound and thought nothing of it.  At 06:30 as we were leaving the house we both noticed that the for sale sign had changed to a sold sign!  I could barely wait till 9 and the opening of the estate agents.  We’ve had a buyer for months but hadn’t seen any progress with the sale so a couple of weeks ago I sacked our solicitor and made a robust and detailed complaint to the company he is employed with.  Salutary lesson – never give a solicitor money before he gets his arse into gear!  And don’t ever be afraid of complaining if he’s not doing his job.  My mother has always said it’s the squeaky wheel that gets oiled.  So it turns out that apart from a home buyers survey from our buyers, first time buyers we are all set to rock and roll.  Apparently the mortgage survey picked up no problems but the first time buyers parents want to be sure their kids aren’t buying a lemon.  I get that.

The legal company I complained to however were very professional and a legal executive was assigned to the sale.  He has, in 2 weeks, managed to do what the other had not managed in over 4 months.  We have had to accept that no matter how ready we are the British conveyancing system cannot be pushed and the landlords tax and change in stamp duty meant that every land registry in the country had an absolute meltdown before the April deadline.  We are victims of this untimely and wholly unwelcome legislation.  However our legal exec managed it.

On the bright side we have been freecycling and with fantastic results.  People have been so kind!  We have freecycled a jet washer, a blender, tiles, ceramic mixing bowls, ceramic steak and kidney bowls, 16 demi johns (wine ahoy), 30 boxed DVD’s,blankets for the dogs, a radio, calor gas bottles and so much more!  We have also met some lovely people along the way (D you know who you are :))  We have also car booted a treasure trove of goods.  As we have now booked a 7.5 tonne truck to take our goods to Bulgaria we can take all our treasured items and those of the kids too.  It is slightly worrying that perhaps our things might not fit in even a 7.5 tonne truck

This is our front room!  Completely filled floor to ceiling and not including sofas, a bed a bureau and a chest – oh er missus

The dogs are halfway through the pet passport process – over £200 each!, which is over twice what my passport renewal cost.  That is another topic; whilst getting the paperwork for moving in order I noticed my own passport was no longer valid!  I had to submit myself to my greatest fear – having my photo taken and the end result did nothing to allay my fears.  Another 5 years of looking like Moira Hindley!  The dogs have gotten used to packing, unpacking and repacking and are now unperturbed by anything unless it’s the front door knocking or the dog food bowls clincking


Jeez just realised we haven’t packed the big mirror.  I mean it’s only 4′ long and 2′ high – so not an easy thing to miss!


I keep in contact with Bulgaria via group such as The Pavlikeni Post and a plethora of ex pat forums and we are slowly building up a network of people we know vicariously over the ethernet but friends are always good to have.  Peeps on that note it’s toodle pip for now




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