Eureka with Ohms, the loft and bygone treasure

Ilia bought round three of his friends today to look at the boiler and the electrics.  I wish I’d have taken a picture but I’m still unsure what the protocol is with Bulgarians and gratuitous photo taking.  Everyone agreed that nothing seemed out of place.  Everyone looked and poked and looked wisely at first the boiler and then the fuse box.  One of them tried to ring up the company and report a fault but had no joy because it was a Saturday.  We were advised not to touch in further until a “maestero” was called or the guarantee would be compromised.  As they left with good wishes and much shaking of their heads at the mad Anglichani Terry began work on the fuse box again.  I won’t say their wasn’t expletives because the airwaves were redolent with them.  I went outside to my massive cement bath sized sink next to the well and with the help of the generator pumped up crystal water to hand wash our filthy clothes.  As I stood wringing them out Terry ambled across and with no sense of occasion at all announced that he didn’t know why things tried to defeat him.  He’d worked out the electric system and we now had hot water.

Satisfied with his work he set off for Pavlikeni and the Wheelbarrow shop to order cement blocks and industrial strength rubble sacks; we were going to empty the loft.  Terry had already cut open the hallway ceiling to facilitate the emptying of the loft.  The cement blocks were going to make a makeshift stairs.  I’m very happy to claim this idea as my own!


The loft was absolutely chockablock with “stuff”.  Terry rigged up a set of builders lights and with a heavy heart we started emptying the loft.  We retrieved what can only be described as a honest to goodness historical stream of ephemera from the communist days of Bulgaria  through the industrial revolution to modern day.  The number of wooden barrels, troughs. spinning wheels, bread oven paddles, wool winding machines, 2 wheeled pushchair, wooden pulley systems, a wooden wash hand basin and even communist era porcelain pieces. Those were the good and interesting finds.  After that it was bags and bags of glass jars, clothes and shoes, rubbish and more rubbish.  We both got bitten all over and were absolutely filthy when we finally swept up the last bit of debris and looked around. How the hell had the house ever been water tight is a mystery.  After the roof is replaced it will become an open plan bedroom, bathroom and snug with a walk in wardrobe.


I can honestly say after a filthy day the first hot shower either of us had had in 10 days was a thing of great wonderment  and a luxury beyond words.  I bow to Terrys ability to take on just about anything and make a success of it.




2 thoughts on “Eureka with Ohms, the loft and bygone treasure

  1. What treasures you have found in amongst all the rubish. I hope you will keep them all and be able to incorporate them into your new life. I can only imagine the sheer bliss that you experienced in the hot shower!!!


  2. Hi Janice

    I think my treasure might be a subjective analysis! Everything from am old communist era rent book, to hay pitchforks made from branches of trees. There are wooden childrens toys and a wooden wash hand basin. The headboard with the hand painted scene is beautiful even if it is not to my taste. There is also what I assume is a long tall wooden flour grinder, a corn shucker and even a wooden pulley system. We also have another loft to empty with even more things. We are hoping to have a home that incorporates both modern and traditional features and many of these treasure will be incorporated.


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