Veliko Tarnovo, the Levski market and bi polar weather

Three days after Amalia had left us for a sojourn in Sofia we had a Facebook message.  she’d missed her bus to us.  Terry of course leapt into the van and went and picked her up. I sat at home and thought “oh bloody hell Ami’s coming, then James and Josh and then Dani and Alfie”  I looked around at the building site and thought give up and get on.  So I bought the camp site of a house into order and tried my best in the garden.  I took one of the low wooden benches from the loft and a coffee table and searched for the paint I’d bought a few days earlier.  I sat in the garden with masking tape and painted them deck chair stripey colours.  In between leaving the painted stripes to dry I had a general tidy.  We have put out a call in the village for someone to undertake the removal of our loft rubbish. Still no takers.  It is currently in piles outside the old outbuildings and it makes me desperately unhappy to know they are there. I want to buy chickens at least this year and this is where they will live.  We also have different building piles; three piles of timber for the roof, hardcore for the patio outside the house and of course general building rubble that can’t be thrown in the bins.  It was no good stressing about it because it definitely wasn’t going to be sorted today.


Ilia bought me round some tomato plants to join mine and some peppers and celery.  My poor little vegetable patch was completely overwhelmed by the jungle around me but it was a start.  I also put on my wellies and a pair of trackie bottoms and beat my way through the undergrowth and trees to the right of the house and to my absolute delight, found three cherry trees and any number of Mulberry trees.  This adds to the walnut, Sliven plum and apple tree!

Six hours after he set off Terry returned with Amalia and as it was late we set out for a restaurant in Levski.  It wasn’t easy feeding a vegan in a country where meat, fish and cheese reign supreme, notwithstanding the abundance of fruit and veg.  However our local favourite restaurant did her proud.  What did Amalia think of our Bulgarian dream?  She loved it despite it’s state of deshabille’s.  and of course Vinnie was thrilled to see her.

It wasn’t long before Ami had itchy feet so 3 days later after her whirlwind visit she set off for a 5 day sojourn in VT.  The photos above and below are her work and can be found on her blog at  I will speak of Dani’s blog separately as it is a longer standing blog and on a completely different subject.

Ami’s visit to VT and the  Buzludzha monument produced some almost ethereal shots

When she arrived home 5 days later it was market day in Levski and I felt almost embarrassed to take her to the modest little market but she took her camera and shot women whilst they were unaware of her interest.  I watched her doing it and wondered, in admiration, where on earth all the talent comes from.  It was awe inspiring.

The weather for June can only be described as bi-polar.  We swing from spectacular thunder storms and lightning to sweltering 40 degrees.  Terry is struggling with the heat.  Not so much in the day but at night.  It doesn’t seem to cool down sufficiently to ensure a sound nights sleep, a sticky one, yes.

James and his best friend from childhood, Josh are due in a couple of days so it’s time to write off.  We have to get sooooo much done.  We are going to decant the inside kitchen to the summer kitchen despite it being unfinished because we need the bed space n the house.

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