Passport celebrations, exam success and greeting card dilemmas

Danielle has finally received her passport!  It was been what can only be described as a torturous saga in which no one was quite sure if she’d ever get one.  It has been almost a year since the first attempts began.  However now she has it and we are waiting with bated breath because she is coming to visit with her beau Alfie.  I may have mentioned in another post that he is a tree surgeon and freshly qualified to boot.


The whole family are celebrating Danielle’s success at college.  Without, as she puts it, really trying she trounced her results and superceded  the points required by the Russell league Liverpool University and then accepted Trinity St David.  She will be off to Wales in the Autumn to read Ancient Civilisations.  Terry is absolutely stoked!  I haven’t mentioned before that she also writes her own blog, indeed had started blogging before me.  It has a Greek title

ΕΊΜΑΙ Η ΒΑΣΊΛΙΣΣΑ The Egyptians were thinking correctly when they begun to worship cats and can be found at


One of the things that I never gave a thought to when leaving Blighty was cards, birthday cards.  With Williams birthday hurtling towards us I started having a panic attack.  In the two months since we’ve been here I haven’t seen a card of any variety whatsoever.  To be fair we are either in a supermarket or a DIY store 90% of the time if we leave the house.  I reached for my laptop and sent out a plea for help on a social media site.  Within minutes replies came in and the reply I chose was in the nearby town of Pavlikeni and I was reliably informed in the Apteka (chemist) next to the M-Tel building I would find cards.  I leapt aboard the still nameless Chelsea Tractor and headed for Pav.  It was another scorcher of a day and I left Terry glowing wetly in the summer kitchen fitting the remainder of the zesty green tiles.  We had had to wait almost 10 days for the Praktis in Veliko Tarnovo to order in the remainder of our green porcelain tiles.  There was no way Terry was going to wait a moment longer!


To be honest this was the first time I’d driven the Landy anywhere outside of the village and Levski, by myself.  Pav was only a 20 minute drive but the centre  is a bit tricky.  Of course my fears were unfounded and I found the centre with ease and parked in a nifty little space within metres of the square.   I asked a shop owner for direction to the M-Tel building.  Of course it took three Bulgarians to all give me their versions of how to get there.  I thanked them all and set off in what I hoped was the right direction.  And surprisingly I located the building with ease. What I struggled with was the Apteka with the cards.  I tried all four roads branching of the building and no Apteka.  As a bonus though I found a wonderful park I was completely unaware of.


I finally located a small stationary store and entered its confines smelling redolently of new paper and lead pencils.  The owner was extremely helpful but had little that could qualify as a card suitable for a 5 year old.  I was getting desperate and with an absolutely sinking heart and a somewhat sweaty bod I settled on a Mickey Mouse postcard and what I later realised was a card for cross stitching with a childish image.

I popped into the amazing little shops that hold everything you can imagine and inside I found these little treasures of bowls.  Almost 1960’s in style they embodied all the colours I’m currently dallying with.  They were perfect for the kitchen.  I hadn’t told Terry yet but orange was going to feature in the zesty kitchen.  I also found two water pistols.  William and I are big fans of water pistols and I can’t remember a year since he’s been walking that we haven’t had water fights.

One of the greatest thrills of having my car is that I can stop and take photos.  Here in Bulgaria just about everything is acceptable on the road except not having your lights on.  So both on the way out of the village and in the village of `Nedan I pulled over and tried to catch the current feeling of the countryside.  The swathes of redolent golden sunflowers are now brown and drooping under the weight of their laden heads; no longer smiling sunnily at the sky.  The wheat field are harvested leaving large beige slashes amongst the greenery.




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