James and William

On the 3rd of August Terry and I set off for Sofia (finally got the day right!) to pick up James and William from the airport.  We arrived in good time so found ourselves wending our way towards Ikea and it’s Scandinavian delights.  We had only intended to look at bedroom storage but ended up buying a rug, some rather snazzy blinds for the living room, a large over the table lamp for the dining room to be and a small bedside light for next to Williams bed.  We literally paid the cashier and stormed off to the airport so that within three quarters of an hours I was on tippie toes avidly watching the arrivals door at sofia swing open and closed in a most tantalising manner.

It wasn’t long till I saw the large rangy frame of James, heads taller than his Bulgarian fellow travellers, walking through the door.  I flung my handbag at Terry and rushed to see William clutching a pilot teddy bear and looking surprisingly fresh for a 5 year old that had been travelling all day.  I’m afraid I grabbed him and wrapped him in a rather too tight embrace whilst trying to stem Grandma type tears.  There was no time for silly emotions, William was full of life and telling me all about his travels.  He pulled himself away from my rapturous embrace and hugged Grandad Terry.  We took a hand each and walked out of the airport.  It is still a shock how tall James is; he towers over both Terry and I.  William fell asleep on the trip home and when we arrived near midnight he allowed James to undress him and put him to bed without a murmur.  Terry, James and I caught up with our news over hot drinks.

The next morning I heard William shout “I love Bulgaria” as he awoke.  After breakfast we gave Wills all his birthday presents.  Ami had a pile and so did we and his excitement was palpable.  We went out and had breakfast in the garden and as soon as his food had settled he asked to go into the pool with some of his new tools.  Who could resist?  We spent over an hour splashing away.  He couldn’t swim and didn’t want to go underwater but he thoroughly enjoyed bossing me around!

The pool is a great attraction for a 5 year old and allowed me to spend really special one on one time with William.  Also within a few days he was absolutely fearless, swimming underwater, and just about swimming above water. It also freed up James to do some work at his house with the in the garden with the digger.  We also had a family effort at clearing the pathways whilst William sat on the stoop and kept up his wonderful patter of conversation.  He’s so confident; he went in and out of the house picking his prospective bedroom and generally familiarising himself with the house.


James has a wonderful neighbour who rushed out to meet William and introduced herself as Auntie Gintie. She also rather thoughtfully provided us with a large bottle of cold water whilst we were working.  It was also good to find amongst the weeds an apple tree, a peach tree and some lovely roses.  Someone, sometime had loved the garden.

We had a family trip to the `Krushuna Waterfalls.  The weather was typical for August; hitting 40 degrees regularly so the waterfalls were a good choice for a day out.  It required quite a lot of walking and at first William dug in his heels and insisted on being carried on James’s shoulders but as we got further up the pathway and the waterfalls became clearer his curiosity overcame him and he took a real interest.  As we reached the top there was a cafe and a souvenir stall.  William chose a wooden sword for himself and a fridge magnet to take hem to him Mum.  We all had a much needed drink and a panoply of food which William actually devoured like a wolf.

The week sped by and was filled with laughter and shared meals in the garden.  During the hottest part of the day we went inside and played with the toys he received for his birthday.  It was also a chance for Auntie Ami to spend some time with William.  We took him to the Pavlikeni park because it is shaded by trees and to the green outside James’s house to play football under the spreading canopy of a tree and to watch the dogs.  Williams relationship with dogs has been forged by his absolute love of Brutus and Lexie his home dogs.  He has a real understanding of dogs and every day went outside to feed Voula and Soula and the two puppies he named Tom and Jerry (now renamed Ralphie and Hilda).

So after a wonderful week where I can say James and Williams Mum, Paris have done an absolutely fantastic job with their son.  I am so very proud of my son too.  He is the kind of father that any child would be lucky to have.  Terry and I drove them to the airport 1 week later.  It wasn’t a sad day it was a day of thankfulness for being able to see them both

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